Department of English

Film Studies Program/Department of English

The English Department has the largest number of faculty members and course offerings at Pitt in the area of Film and Media studies.

Our courses (designated as ENGFLM) focus on the history, theory, and criticism of film, television, and digital media.

On the undergraduate level, ENGFLM courses can be taken as electives for the English and Writing majors or minors as well as for the Film Studies major or minor. We also offer internships in Film Studies, and many of our courses fulfill General Education requirements.

On the graduate level, ENGFLM courses are part of the English doctoral curriculum. Many English graduate students choose to concentrate in the area of Film Studies and do their doctoral Project and Dissertation in this field.

Pittsburgh is a stimulating city for film and the other arts. In addition to standard commercial theaters, there are numerous theaters that show independent, foreign, and experimental film. Furthermore, the city hosts several annual film festivals at the University and elsewhere.

Please also see the interdisciplinary Film Studies Website for information about the Film Studies major, minor, graduate certificates, and faculty members and courses in other departments:

For information about Film Studies events at Pitt, visit the Events and News page for the interdisciplinary Film Studies Program.

Contact Information

Program Director: Adam Lowenstein, Associate Professor

Advisors: Mark Kemp, Jeffrey Aziz, and Lori Campbell
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Staff: Jennifer Florian, Assistant, 624 CL, 412-624-6564,